G1 to G3
Math & English Enrichemnt

Practice makes perfect...

 1-hour sessions
2x weekly
$250.00 (4 weeks)


We will spend 20 minutes doing various math problems in each session.  

We use Khan Academy or our own worksheets to practice the math problems after the tutors's initial review of the math concepts. 

Math problems include computations and story problems to build the necessary skills coming year.


We will dedicate 30 minutes

to Reading Comprehension and Written Responses to a question/prompt.


Paired text reading with related questions tests the students' comprehension.  Free response paragraph to a given prompt


The tutor guides can manage the responses and courage students think consider all the choices prior to responding to the question.  This builds critical thinking skills.  

Grammar & Spelling

We will either practice Grammar rules or Spelling during the last 10 minutes.

Students'  review different Grammar rules & practice different work partterns to set them up for success in writing paragraphs and essays.

Our tutor encourage the students to pay attention to the details and hear word phonetics.