"Mom, you're doing it wrong. That's not how we do it in class."

Has your child utter those words? When it comes to Common Core Math, we hear it all the time.

Bridges in Mathematics Common Core Addition
Adding using the Place Value Split method

Unlike traditional math, Common Core Math encourages the students to explore and think of the most effective way to solve a math problem. In this 2 digit addition problem, 36 + 28, we would immediately attempt to line up the numbers and then add them together. Bridges in Mathematics' Place Value Split method, the student can quick add the numbers mentally. 36 is split into it's place values of 30 and 6. 28 split into 20 and 8. As soon as this separation takes place, 30 + 20 is easy, and 6+8 is also easily added. So mentally, the student adds 50 + 14, to get to 64.

Here is another example. a.) 32 is split to 30 & 2 b.)15 is split to 10 & 5 c.) 30+10=40 and 2+5=7 d.) 40+7=47

Can you figure this one out? 165+248=? EASY!

Bridges in Mathematics 3 digit addition
3 digit Addition using Place Value Split method

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