Core Math Workshop

Does your child need some math tutoring?  Consider our Math Crash Course.  The objective to these courses is very simple, get up to speed with foundational skills as quickly as possible. 

We focus on building those so important core math skills.  Each course covers on a few key skills.  We will explain and guide the students to grasp the concept, and learn to solve the problems.

Our Multiplication/Division and Fractions/Decimals courses are perfect for Grades 3 - 5 students.  These important skills will set your child up for success in Middle School.  

The Pre-Algebra course aims to get the students comfortable with working with positive/negative integers.  Become more proficient in evaluating equations & inequalities so that they are ready to take on more complex problems in Algebra.

These math sessions will be conducted via with a 2-student to 1-tutor ratio.  Your child can expect to work hard in these classes.  

1-hour sessions
Mon&Wed / Tues&Thur
$250.00 to $275.00

Multiplication & Division

Addition & Subtrtaction Review

Multiplication & Division basics

Multiply & Divide by 10s and 100s

Multiply & Divide Money

Multiply & Divide Story Problems

Multiply 2-digits & 3-digits

Long Division

Division with Remainder

Order of Operations

Fractions & Decimals

Fraction Part of a Whole

Mixed Numbers & Improper Fractions

Equivalent Fractions

Comparing Fractions

Adding Tenths & Hundredths

Adding Subtracting Fractions & Decimals

Multiply Divide Fractions & Decimals

Money and Change

Place Value & Patterns


Adding & Subtracting integers

Multiply & Divide integers

One-Step & Two Step Equations

Factors & Prime Factorization

Greatest Common Factor

Lowest Common Multiple

Rational Numbers

Equations & Inequalities

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Multiplication & Division

Grade 4

Fractions & Decimals

Grade 5


Grade 6/7

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