Many students struggle to get a grasp many math concepts.   At The Tutors, our teachers will help these students overcome such a struggle in no time.  

Our Math program is ideal for K-G5 students who wish to stay ahead and be challenged or students who need a little of help with their Math skills. We will assess and determine the appropriate level of Math to start off.  This self paced program helps the students develop a deeper understanding of all the core skills.

Tutoring and Enrichment in Mathematics

Are you looking for extra math rigor? 

Our program helps build foundation and critical thinking math skills.  Your child will use manipulative to solve a problem, analyze & determine the best approach to solving various word story problems.   As a result, your child will attain a strong math foundation and improved critical thinking skills.  Regular practice will surely prepare your child for Middle and High School.

​The lessons are taught in accordance to California's Common Core Standards​.  2:1 student to tutor ratio


60 minutes -  8 sessions
 1-hour sessions
Mon&Wed / Tues&Thur
$250.00 (4weeks)

Parent Feedback:  "The instructor's drills in fostering a strong command of the requisite and related equations/formulas have now led Raffie to be performing at a B+/A- level during this current Spring semester as of the most recent midterm." Mel Jarret, happy parent

Phone: 510.952.9298
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