Many students struggle to get a grasp many math concepts.   At The Tutors, our teachers will help these students overcome such a struggle in no time.  

Those who need more advanced math help, we have just the right solution.  Our retired Math /Physics professor, Mr. Simon, can clarify and explain away any confusing math concepts.

Our Math Enrichment program is ideal for K-G5 students who wish to stay ahead and be challenged or students who need a little of help with their Math skills.  Our program helps build foundation and critical thinking math skills.  Your child will use manipulative to solve a problem,  and analyze & determine the best approach to solving various word /story problems.

Tutoring and Enrichment in Mathematics

Our teachers work to help your child excel or stay ahead with personalized lesson plans.  We customize the learning plans to each child's specific needs. These math sessions are taught by experienced tutors in a 2:1 student to teacher ratio.  

Rest assured, your child will  get the right amount attention.

Math Subjects: ​

  • Pre-Algebra & Algebra

  • Geometry & Trigonometry

  • Pre-calculus & Calculus

  • Advance Placement (AP) Calculus

  • Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) Preparation

(G6 to G12) 

Does your child need to help Elementary Math?  Our Math Enrichment program focuses on building core math skills as well as skills required by the State of California.  

We will assess and guide your child to think logically, creatively, and solve problems.  This self paced program helps the students develop a deeper understanding of all the core skills. 

As a result, your child will attain strong math foundation and improved critical thinking skills.

​The lessons are taught in accordance to California's Common Core Standards​.  3:1 student to tutor ratio


(K to G5) 

Homework & Math Enrichment  

We will help your child with his/her math homework.  We further strengthen their math foundation & critical thinking skills with our program.


(K to G5)

UpperGrade Homework club:

As math homework gets more complex, your child may struggle to complete their math homework.  Bring them here , The Tutors, we can help.  

The students are expected to do the homework independently but the tutor will provide guidance on how to solve the given problem.


(G6 to G12)   

Parent Feedback:  "The instructor's drills in fostering a strong command of the requisite and related equations/formulas have now led Raffie to be performing at a B+/A- level during this current Spring semester as of the most recent midterm." Mel Jarret, happy parent

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