Reading Fluency (G1-G3)

Our reading program is designed to help students improve their reading fluency within a short period of time.


During this six-week session, students will read out loud high interest passages, discuss the content, and respond to questions to determine comprehension.


Sessions will cover the following:

  • Preview and practice new vocabulary  & challenge words 

  • Read out loud to the tutor with precision

  • Practice misread words

  • Re-read the given passage

  • Discuss main idea and details within the passage

  • Answer the questions

Lastly, re-read past reading assignments to check for retention.  


To ensure your child gets all the practice necessary to achieve fluency as soon as possible, this is a 1:1 session.    One student to one tutor.

 1-hour sessions
Mon&Wed / Tues&Thur
$250.00 (4weeks)